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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


  As most of you can tell by my recent posts, I'm a novice soap maker with a new addiction. I have made 4 bar soap batches so far, and was loving it before the batch from hell. You see I hate coloring inside the lines, following recipes,driving the speed limit  etc. etc. etc. So I thought I would try my own made up recipe (no measurements I might add).....

  Well, that's where things went horribly wrong.The batch separated, and turned into a goo like substance that never set up.O.k I thought , I'll just rebatch it! ......ya, that didn't work either.Now I had big nasty brown spots running through it. O.k, now there's one last ditch effort left.  I'll just make it into liquid soap , and use it around the house.

  That's where I was last night... in the kitchen like some sort of mad scientist with a big witches cauldron , melting bad soap.After slowly melting and mixing , I needed to put it into containers, which left me scrambling around the house for any thing useable with a lid. I made quite the mess. I had soap all over the stove, floor, counter,sink,utensils, towels, etc. This is where miracles happened.

  I started cleaning up the disaster area by loading the dishwasher with every thing I could fit and find,started it up, and proceeded to start wiping things down.Amazingly everything was coming out sparkling clean with little to no effort, and no added cleaner of any kind. Hmmm this was kinda fun. After wiping , and rinsing repeatedly, the dishwasher was done. I opened it up to sparkling crystal clear glassware, not to menion the dishwasher itself was like a mirror!. AMAZING!, because after Cascade changed their formula, I seriously considered not getting another dishwasher in the future, as all my dishes had a gray, white gritty film all over them that was getting progressively worse.I tried making my own dishwasher detergent, but to no avail.

  I thought to myself what soap did I use for this load....oh, no I didn't add any!!! I had forgotten all about it. Could my home made soap residue on the dishes I loaded be the miracle ? Now I was on a mission to run another load , with some more dirty soap dishes , and no detergent.....Same thing again!!! 
I have to tell ya I don't get  this excited about much, but when my life is easier and sparkly.....I am over the moon !!!
  All night I kept thinking, what could be in that soap, and why didn't I write down the recipe!

  Today I woke up so excited to clean my kitchen floor. I swept it, and got out the sponge mop. No cleaner, just the soap I spilled the night before. Every inch of dirt came up with one swipe!! But that's not the best part. I always wear my crocks washing the floor, so I don't slip. They started squeaking like fresh cheese!!! I had never had that happen before! And to think I was going to sell this soap, and after flopping thought I might as well pitch it!, now I wish I had made a bigger batch!