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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


                         COMING SOON!!!

If you have never tried handmade, natural  dishwasher soap before, be prepared to fall in love. 
You will never go back to the harsh chemicals in commercial soaps again.
No it won't leave your dishes stinking like a drunk. A little honey, almond, and vanilla give it a lovely balance The scent is warm, sweet, and will remind you more of sweet bread than beer!
Also there is no added colorant. The color of the soap is it's natural color. 
Each bottle will clean 12  large loads of dishes.
 You only have to use half as much as Cascade plus there is rinse aid already in the product. 
I have used this with success for several years now. I have read to use vinegar in the rinse for sparkling dishes. But be aware! If you have a polished stainless steel dishwasher-the vinegar will etch the surface! 
My recipe above is as safe as it can get without sacrificing the needed cleaning power. Let me know what you think! I have been very happy with it.

Beer is a well-know fizzy drink we can enjoy at any time of the day. 
Beer can neutralize smells.
Beer reacts with odour causing bacteria and due to its fizzles lifts the dirt up.

*Effective Grease-Cutting Formula
*Scented with 100% whole essential oils & botanical extracts
*Contains no phosphates, bleach, synthetic dyes or perfumes.
*Works great even in the hardest water.
*Cruelty Free: Never animal tested and contains no animal products.
* It's All-in-1 to give you: Pre-Treating Power, Food Dissolving Power, Stain   fighting Power, Shine Shield Formula and Rinse Aid Power

A superior dishwashing performer containing ingredients to soften water, prevent spotting and cut grease. A concentrated formula allows you to use less than the leading brands.The bottle is an actual recycled beer bottle, and is recyclable where facilities exist .