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Friday, May 18, 2012


Is gray water good for plants? Well....the older lady next door always watered her flowers with the wash tub after doing dishes. It got me thinking...should I be recycling this water for my flowers and garden? I do use rain barrels for most of my watering, but maybe I should be doing more....
I already make all my own soap, so I know exactly what is in it.
This is a blog post about a little experiment..... 

Two planters with the exact same soil, plants , size, and sun exposure. Planter A will be watered with only tap water ( as the gray water will have the same base) . Planter B will be watered with only gray water from my dishwasher.This experiment is to see whether  the gray water will effect the growth and maturity of annuals as well as tomatoes.

Each pot is planted with a coleus, pink impatient, white impatient, and a beefsteak tomato plant. One every 2 weeks I will take a picture of each planter and post it here on this blog entry as to the progress each planter is making. 

Planter B does have 2 extra plants, a succulent to the left, and a  celery to the right.
STAY TUNED .......