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Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Spicy carrot cake  CASTILE SOAP with cream cheese frosting.

 Once again, I tried very hard to get a realistic capture of the scent of carrot cake - there's nothing quite like it. It's even topped with a  CREAM CHEESE"frosting" similar to what you'd find on a real slice of carrot cake. 

Imagine fresh pureed organic carrots, cinnamon,nutmeg, and clove bits to give you a very skin loving cold process soap, calibrated to hydrate and pamper the skin. This wonderful soap has a great side smells just like carrot cake, so go ahead indulge yourself. This is a totally guilty free treat, and wonderful for your skin.

Carrots in soap are believed to stimulate skin cell renewal, and help reverse the effects of age and sun damage. Blended to create a bar that cleanses pores, improves skin's tone and rejuvenates skin, making it more radiant.. This is a exclusive Suzy Homefaker recipe with cinnamon, nutmeg,clove, bits of orange, coconut and carrot then drenched in a rich "cream cheese frosting"..

                          Thanks for stopping by for Dessert!