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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Boudoir Lamp

A couple years before my mother passed she gave me a porcelain lady boudoir lamp. Her name is Veronica, and the face plate says she is 285 out of 1000. I had her in the closet for at least 6 years. Now that I am doing my crafty bedroom makeover, I thought it to be the perfect place for her. The only problem is that her nightie and shoes were all black. That just couldn't match in my "Marie Chic " (Shabby Chic and Marie Antionette syle) bedroom. Today she got a bath and a updated vintage lace negligee.

This is Veronica before..
  And here she is after her makeover...
 The shade is next...stay tuned...


She has found her pace in my little 1963 Shasta named Cinderella....perfect...

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